Uttrakhand Agriculture

About 90 per cent of the population of Uttarakhand depends on agriculture. The total cultivated area in the State is 7,84,117 hectares.
Uttaranchal is an agrarian state. About 80% of the population of the state is dependent on agriculture for its livelihood. 12% of the available land is irrigated and 64% are fed by natural springs. The topography of Uttaranchal is characterized by sandy soils which do not retain water for long time. Due to unavailability of moisture in the soil the crop productivity is not very good in the region. Also, due to variation in altitude the rainfall also differs from place to place affecting the crop production.
The major crops produced in the state include Rice, Wheat, Barley, Corn, Mandua, Hangora etc. The state is a major supplier of fruits like Apple, Leachy, Pulam, Naashpati, and Maalta etc. There are various organizations which are involved in the state to help in improving the productivity as well as to promote the cultivation of medicinal plants in the state. One such project is functioning near Pinder Valley in Chamoli district of the state which aims to produce fruits and vegetables by utilizing poly houses.
Uttaranchal’s distinct agro-climatic condition is favourable for the development of Horticulture. The soil conditions are good for the production of fruits and vegetables. The climatic and soil conditions allow growing sub-tropical and temperate fruits, vegetables and ornamentals. The various fruits grown in the state include mango, citrus, litchi, guava and jackfruit etc.
Geographical Area 53.5 lakh ha.

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