India – My Pride

‘BhartMeraGarv’ (India- My Pride) is an organization which strives to create awareness among the youth of our country about the Indian culture and its values. Our Goal is to make a better India. As responsible citizens, we must progress with the rest of the world without losing our own identity. The mission of the organization is to bring together students, citizens and good leaders who staunchly believe in honesty, integrity and patriotism. We wish toincrease their awareness of our country.


  • Create honest leaders for the nation
  • Create awareness in society
  • Create a value of freedom and how we use this freedom


  • Showing a documentary in schools and colleges which is based on India’s culture and values.
  • Presentations in schools and colleges
  • Organize many competitions like essay writing, poster making, drawing, debate etc.
  • Workshops with volunteers in different districts

Accept these 5 rules to make a better India

  • This is our own country – It’s our fortune to be born in this country. This is our motherland. Our relationship with our country is so deep that we must love our country as much as we love ourselves. Our thought and action shouldn’t harm the stature of our country. We should think of India’s resources as our own and conserve them like our own resources. Electricity, water, natural beauty, forests etc. are natural resources and should be conserved and we should give our best to conserve them, within our homes and without. We should also conserve the beauty of public parks, monuments and national heritage from disrespect, mutilation and corruption. This is our land and our property. Let’s keep our cities clean and prefer local produce.
  • Give up dependence on others –Dependence and relying on others is a weakness. Those who depend on others can never advance. They have no self-respect. That’s why we need to move forward by ourselves. Irrespective of what others do or don’t do, we shouldn’t keep waiting on their approval and help. We can only do great things by standing on our own legs. Instead of focusing on what they should do, we should focus on what we can do.
  • Abide by laws – It is the requirement of a society that we abide by all laws and only then can a government function. We should follow traffic laws and not use illegal product like polythene, tobacco or addictive substances. Awareness and abidance of laws works in favor of both the government and self. Without law, our society would be in a ‘jungle rule’. Hence, we should always follow the laws and fulfill our responsibilities as a citizen.
  • Volunteer for social causes –We should volunteer in many social services happening around the country to bring India on the right track of development. To help the needy, teach the illiterate, support the poor, serve the sick and help in natural disasters are some of the ways in which we can serve our country. We should always be ready to help.
  • Differentiate between good and bad –By means of education, we learn to understand the difference between right and wrong. That which is good for the country and selfis good and that which is bad for the country and self is bad. We should avoid bad actions and bad characters and try to keep company with good and honest people. We should also stay away from bad habits. Only those TV series and movies should be watched that are for the good of the society and don’t pollute our thoughts.

Yes it’s true that all this cannot happen in a day but if each one of us say out loud that we love our country the most and if each one of us is ready put the country first and themselves after, then we can all contribute towards a golden future of our country. Let’s all come together and pledge to be responsible model citizens and take this message to each state, city, village and colony. Let’s build a new India – a country with prosperity, brotherhood, peace, justice and a clean way of life.

We will greatly appreciate your support as a member. We will be giving you a membership certificate.

Membership amount: 1100/ per year or 5000/- for a life membership. This amount will help us in running our movement of nationality and integrity among youth and reaching as many schools and colleges as possible.

Membership form – Membership Form PDF (Download & Print}

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