Nagaland Minerals

Man Power availability

1 Strong Social Capital-Community Spirit
2 High literacy rate of 67.11% English Speaking population
3 38,000 educated manpower -574 technically qualified
4 218 students nominated in Technical degree courses every year.
5 3 ITIs with 400 trainees every year
6 4 New ITIs in the making
7 2 Polytechnics modernised with World Bank assistance.
8 Institute of Communication and Information Technology being setup with World Bank assistance.

Forest Resources

1 Growing Stock Volume/Hectare & Annual Increment.
a Growing Stock -94,887 million m3.
b Volume/Hectare -66.1 m3
c Annual Increment -1,90,30,00 m3
2 Stratum-Wise Estimated Growing Stocks of Forest
a Hard Wood mixed with Conifer -1,14,000 m3
b Bamboo  -10,77,000 m3
c Miscellaneous  -9,36,96,000 m3

Mineral Resources

Lime Stone 1000 million tonnes
Marble & Decorative Stone Substantial reserves
Petroleu & Natural Gas
Nickle, Cobalt, Chromiun Substantial reserves
Basalt, Chert, Dunite, Gabbro, Granodiorite, Serpentine, Spilite, Pyroxenite, Quartzite Substantial reserves

Conducive Agro-Climatic Conditions 

1 Different varieties of Fruits and Vegetables  are available in abundant.
2 Varieties of Medicinal Plants & Herbs  available
3 The altitude of the state vary from 100 metres to an altitude of 3,840 metres in the interior of the state  which make favourable for  growing different varietie of tropical and sub-tropical fruits, vegetables and cereal crop etc.
4 Abundant Forest Wealth and Colourful Scenery
5 Farming – Climate is  favourable for raring different animals.



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