Andhra Pradesh Minerals

Minerals Found in Respective Districts Brief Summary and Important Links
Adilabad China Clay, Coal, Fireclay, Limestone, Manganese The total value of mineral production remained at Rs. 16587.51 Crores in 2010-11. Coal, natural gas, iron ore, limestone and barytes accounted for 53.32% of the total value whereas coal alone contributed 41.35% of the total value. Andhra Pradesh contributed 7.81% to the total production during 2010-11 in Indian mineral sector.  The value of minor minerals remained at Rs. 7550 Crores in 2010-11.  Environment Clearance
Anantpur Barytes, Calcite, China Clay, Corundum, Dolomite, Felspar, Granite, Iron Ore (H & M), Limestone,Ochre, Pyriphyllite, Quartz/Silica, Steatite, Diamond
Chitoor China Clay, Fireclay, Granite, Quartz/Silica, Quartzite, Steatite
Cuddapah Asbestos, Barytes, Calcite, China Clay, Dolomite, Felspar, Fireclay, Granite, Iron Ore (H), Lead-Zinc, Limestone, Ochre, Pyriphyllite, Quartz/Silica, Quartzite, Magnesite, Steatite
East Godvari China clay, Coal, Fireclay, Limestone, Manganese, Bauxite, Graphite, Titanium, Tungsten
Guntur China Clay, Granite, Iron ore (H), Lead-Zinc, Limestone, Ochre, Quartz/Silica, Copper,Gypsum, Silver
Karimnagar Coal, Limestone
Khammam Barytes, Coal, Fireclay,Corundum, Dolomite, Felspar, Granite, Iron Ore (H), Mica, Quartz/Silica, Steatite, Chromite, Copper, Kyanite, Graphite,Marble
Krishna Barytes, Iron Ore (H), Limestone, Quartz/Silica, Chromite, Diamond, Titanium
Kurnool Barytes, Calcite, China Clay, Dolomite, Iron Ore (H), Limestone,Quartz/Silica, Quartzite, Steatite, Copper, Diamond, Pyrite
Mahboobnagar China Clay, Felspar, Limestone, Quartz/Silica
Medak Felspar, Granite, Quartz/Silica
Nalgonda China Clay, Felspar, Granite, Limestone, Quartz/Silica
Nellore Barytes, China Clay, Felspar, Fireclay, Granite, Iron Ore (H), Limestone, Mica, Quartzite/Silica, Vermicullite, Gypsum,Kyanite, Titanium
Prakasam Barytes, Granite, Iron Ore (H), Limestone, Mica, Quartz/Silica, Copper, Gypsum, Kyanite More at: AP Online
Rangareddy China Clay, Felspar, Granite, Limestone, Quartz/Silica RTI link
Srikakulam Granite, Limestone, Manganese, Quartz/Silica, Quartzite, Graphite, Sillimanite, Titanium State Human Rights Commission
Vishakhapatnam Apatite, China clay, Calcite, Limestone, Ochre, Quartz/silica, Quartzite, Bauxite, Vermicullite, Graphite, Titanium Public Consultation
Vizianagaram Felspar, Granite, Quartz/Silica, Limestone, Manganese, Graphite Environment Clearance
Warangal China Clay, Coal, Dolomite, Granite, Iron Ore (M), Quartz/Silica
West Godavari Ball Clay, Coal, Felspar, Limestone, Ochre, Quartz/Silica, Sillimanite, Graphite



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