The vanguard of the revolution of clean politics: Panchsheel Jain


Panchsheelbhai is an alumnus of the BhawanipurEducationSocietyCollege where he studied Commerce. Panchsheel was never an official member of any political party, although he did socialize with many communist and congress members. Being the son of a Gandhian freedom fighter, Mohan lal Jain, he was influenced by the harijan revolution since childhood. He acquired the gandhian mentality as a heritage.

After graduating, Panchsheel did various small and big jobs. He proved to be a successful businessman. He was honored as the “Best Entrepreneur in small-scale industry” by the Indian government and received this award by the Home minister of India, LalkrishanAdvani. He founded the company “Sharp Diamond Tools pvt. Ltd.”, which brought a revolution in the industry of diamond tools as back then, even the ISI of Indian government didn’t have the technology for that. This tool brought a huge positive influence on the stone industry in Rajasthan. He was also the President of the Diamond tools association of India.

To be a part of politics was never in Panchsheel’s plan. He did serve as the vice minister of the Rajasthan regional Anuvrat committee. He has also been running a monthly childrens’ magazine, BachchonkaDesh, as a successful unique approach towards child literature. Also, in the form of Bal Sambal, he established an institution for orphans. This initiative is taking form on the 20 bigha land in chandwaji, on the Delhi road.

Those who know Panchsheel would unhesitatingly describe him as a successful entrepreneur, ethical businessman and mostly, a responsible citizen. Yet now he has retired from business and entered the world of social service. He believes that to clean the system, you have to be a part of it.  Only then will things change for the better. Only noise doesn’t bring a change, a systematic approach is required, which he took in the form of starting his own political party.

Always keeping distance from politics, he surprised everyone by starting a party called Nationalist Peoples’ Front in October 2008. He also dared to stand in elections for in the Vidyadharnagar electorate.

Panchsheel’s strategy was not to win the elections, but to understand and learn the process. He said, “I can’t raise candidates if I haven’t stood in elections myself first. This was the win in my defeat. Though the people didn’t vote for me, they agreed with me”. His project is to make people understand that we need to stop corrupt politicians and criminals from reaching the parliament and legislative council.

Panchsheel approached the students with this one mission in mind. About 5000 students from RajasthanUniversity, MaharaniCollege, KanodiaCollege and AgrawalCollege took oath under the guidance of Panchsheel to never again vote for a corrupt candidate with a crime record.

Panchsheel had decided to quit business at the age of 50 and immerse himself completely in the world of social service. Both his daughters studied engineering and went to America for further studies. Panchsheel believes in the benefit of inter-cultural exchange. He travelled to many different countries like America, Dubai, Rome, Italy, Germany, China and Qatar. Through these journeys, Panchsheel acquired a deeper and more open understanding of the world. He considers his favorite hobby to study and understand different cultures and perspectives.

As per his resolution he left business and started another very ambitious project for the all-round development of unprivileged children –Bal Sambal. Here he plans to give training to children not only in education but also extracurricular activities according to their interests to develop their aptitude into skills of the highest level.

But to truly bring about a change in the current scenario of India, he knew the only way to do so he planned for ‘Bharat MeraGarv’ Progrmme. Bharat MeraGarvProgramme. “It is a simple effort for create an awareness of India’s value and how we make a better India. We must walk hand in hand with this progress without losing our own identity. It is a pure mission to bring to students, people and good leaders who staunchly believe in honesty, integrity and patriotism.” and they are aware about own country.

His earnest request to all Indian citizens is: “ Please accept these 5 rules to make a better India (1) This is our own country (2) Give up dependence on others (3) Abide by laws (4) Volunteer for social causes (5) Differentiate between good and bad. Yes it’s true that all this cannot happen in a day but if each one of us say out loud that we love our country the most and if each one of us is ready put the country first and themselves after, then we can all contribute towards a golden future of our country. Let’s all come together and pledge to be responsible model citizens and take this message to each state, city, village and colony. Let’s build a new India – a country with prosperity, brotherhood, peace, justice and a clean way of life.”